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New York City - New York - USA (von Nathan Congleton)


- Dubai fountain, Dubai Mall.


I believe in myself. I believe in this sweat on my hands. I believe in my heart. I believe in love… But they call me a non-believer.
Epik High (Amor Fati)


01. Raise the Curtains

I smile for my dear mama.
I look exactly like Dad so if I cry
I’m afraid she’ll see him crying.

02. Easy Ending

I am stingy with my happiness.
Compared to the words ‘hey, pay up!’
I hate the words ‘have strength!’ even more.

03. Rich

Even if I can stand being hungry, I hate the pain.
This stomach is like a pop song,
It blows up easily but dries up so fast.

04. Spoiler

I wanted a love like in the movies
But is it really suitable for me?
In the end, when I ask my heart
The answer is the ending that may come at any time.

05. Burj Khalifa

The shit I talk about with my attitude
Is worth every bit as much as your truth

2,812 plays Amor Fati (feat. Kim Jong Wan) Epik High 신발장 SHOEBOX

Amor Fati | Epik High

Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end[.]

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